Saturday, March 5, 2011

Compilation Errors: A Quick Note

Hello, all. As you're probably aware, the Fandoms Fight the Floods compilation that we contributed to has been released, and it's a huge, fantastic project. It's managed to raise over $13,000 so far, and every penny is going towards relief for the victims of the Queensland floods. We were very proud to submit our alternate ending for "Two Captains", and still are.

But there are a couple of problems.

They're nothing major - i.e., nothing that will actually prevent you from reading the alternate ending if you've received the compilation. But we wanted you to know that the product that you see in the compilation is, in several ways, not quite the product we submitted.

So if you're reading and find yourself confused by the title discrepancy, know that it should still be "Two Captains", not "2 Captains". There were meant to be italics to delineate flashbacks and one dream sequence, as well as various markers for emphasis. That part is bound to make it confusing, and we apologize for that. And finally, we're not sure what happened with the line formatting - sometimes single words ended up with lines of their own, which can make the reading experience somewhat choppy.

We will be allowed to officially post both parts of the alternate ending after June 1st, and when we do, those errors will not be there. We'll also be offering the two parts in a complete PDF file, so if you're interested in that, just let us know. And again, we're sorry if any of this negatively impacts the reading experience. We're still not sure what happened, and are waiting to hear back from the project moderators. It's too late to fix the FFtF edition, as it's already been released, but going forward, all other releases of the alternate ending will be as shiny and polished as we can make them.


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